JOHNSTON, MARY, 1870-1936


Writer. Born–November 21, 1870, Buchanan, Boutetort County, Va. Parents– John William and Elizabeth Dixon (Alexander) Johnston. Education– largely self-taught; read widely on her own; attended Atlanta Female Institute for a few months in 1887. Moved to Birmingham, Ala. about 1886; took charge of the household at her mother’s death in 1889; accompanied her father on European trips in 1890 and 1893. Wrote her first historical romance, Prisoners of Hope, in 1898 to bolster the family fortunes. Wrote a total of 23 novels, two long narrative poems, and one play during her lifetime;  became one of the most popular novelists of her day. Novel To Have and to Hold was a tremendous popular success.  An advocate for women’s rights; her novel Hagar is considered one of the first feminist novels.  Member Equal Suffrage League of Virginia. Died May 9, 1936.


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