Journalist, writer; composer.  Born– June 18, 1937, Birmingham. Parents– Mose Winston and Kathleen (Krahenbuhl) Godwin. Married– Douglas Kennedy, 1960; married– Ian Marshall, July 17, 1965. Education– University of North Carolina, B.A.; University of Iowa, M.A., 1968; Ph.D., 1971. Worked for Miami Herald, 1959-1960; U.S. Embassy in London and U.S. Travel Service, 1962-1965; editorial assistant, Saturday Evening Post, 1966. Taught at University of Iowa, 1967-1971; fellow, University of Illinois Center for Advanced Studies, Champaign-Urbana, 1971-72. Free-lance writer after 1972. Guggenheim fellowship, 1975-1976. Librettist for several musical works by Robert Starer. Member, Authors League of America, Modern Language Association, PEN, and Authors Guild.  National Book Award Nominee three times; American Book Awards Nominee twice; Thomas Wolfe Memorial Award; Alabama Library Association Authors Award, 1979.  Honorary doctorates from UNC (1987), University of the South (1994). and SUNY (1996).


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