Journalist. Born– February 17, 1940, Sheffield. Parents– Harold Reed and Myrtle (Able) Greenhaw. Married (1) Faye Berry, 1965; (2) Sarah Virginia Maddox, 1972. Education– Study at Instituto Allende, Mexico, 1959-1960; University of Alabama, B.S., 1966. Technical writer, newspaper reporter, writer of television scripts, and editor of the Alabama Journal. After 1966, reporter-editor of the Alabama Journal-Montgomery Advertiser.  Winner of Harper Lee Award from Alabama Writer’s Forum, 2006; Clarence Cason Award for Nonfiction, University of Alabama College of Communications, 2005. Reporting award, Associated Press Managing Editors Association, 1968; Nieman Fellow, Harvard, 1972-1973. Member, Sigma Delta Chi. Died May 31, 2011.

Papers:  The papers of Wayne Greenhaw are held by the library at Auburn University at Montgomery. 


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