Editor of denominational materials; broker of church bonds. Born– April 6, 1907, Albertville.  Parents– Charles L. and Della Jane Hubbard Hearn.  Married– Florence Conner, September 1, 1933.  Children–six.  Education– Howard College, A.B., 1926; Vanderbilt Law School, LL.B., 1932 (passed the Tennessee Bar but never practiced law); M.A.in English, 1933.  Editorial staff, Baptist School Board, 1930-1966; vice president, Security Funding Corporation, Nashville, Tenn, 1966-1991. Published articles in various journals; travelled widely presenting workshops and lectures.  Led tours to many countries.  Awarded the LL. D. by Atlanta Law School, 1956. Died March 11, 1991.


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