Coach, college president. Born– January 15, 1914. Parents– David Henry and Blanche (Planck) Edington. Married– Marguerite Hass, 1940. Children– Two. Education– Southwestern College at Memphis, A.B., 1934; University of Alabama, M.A., 1938; Austin College, honorary LL.D. Coached at University Military School in Mobile, 1934-1936; Spring Hill College, 1936-1938; assistant president of Southwestern College, 1938-1940; president of Schreiner College, Herrville, Tex., 1950-1971. Served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. Received the Admiral’s Award, the President’s Citation, and the General Foch Medal of France. Awarded status of president emeritus on his retirement at Schreiner College, 1971.¬† Died April 9, 1998.


Contemporary Authors online and the files at Alabama Public Library Service.


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