FARMER, HALLIE, 1891-1960

Historian; college professor, dean. Born– August 13, 1891, Anderson, Ind. Parents– Edgar William and Elizabeth Modlia Farmer. Education– Terre Haute Normal School (Indiana State University), B.S., 1917; University of Wisconsin, M.A., 1922; Ph.D., 1927;  Taught in public schools in Madison County, Muncie and Crawfordsville, Ind.; Ball Teachers College, 1917-1927; Alabama State College for Women, 1927-1956, serving as head of the History Department, 1927-49; Dean of Social Science Division, 1949-56. Author of articles in various historical journals and other publications, including fifty entries in the Dictionary of American Biography. Served on the Montevallo Town Council, 1937-45. Active in political causes, including prison reform, legislative reform, women’s rights, the abolition of the poll tax, improved educational standards, and civil rights. Member of AAUW and served as national first vice president. One of the founders of the Alabama Historical Association, 1948.  One of the first class named to the Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame, 1971.  Named Distinguished Alumni of Indiana State Teachers College, 1958; elected to Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame; Student Union Building, University of Montevallo, named for her. Iowa Wesleyan College, honorary LL.D. Died June 2, 1960.


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