Engineer, businessman, consultant. Born– August 31, 1882, Birmingham. Parents– Jacob and Fannie (Kahm) Fies. Married– Rose Mayer, January 1, 1907. Education– Columbia University, School of Mines, B.S., 1904. Served as mining engineer, superintendent of mines, general superintendent, 1910; general superintendent of mines, Birmingham Coal and Iron Company, 1910-1912; vice president of DeBardeleben Coal Company, Birmingham and Walker County, 1912-1944; independent consultant, 1944-. Handled the Alabama Power Company’s first experiment in underground gasification of coal in the U.S. Member and chairman of the Walker County Board of Education for ten years. Appointed postmaster at Lipsey, Walker County, 1913.┬áReceived an honorary D. Sci., University of Alabama, 1936. A Masonic lodge in Jefferson County was named in his honor. Died October 20, 1970.


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