Baptist minister, editor. Born– December 18, 1847, Tuscaloosa County. Parents– Arthur and Elizabeth Amelia Foster. Married– Fannie Merrick, May 22, 1870. Children– Two. Married– Kate (Gidden) Raines. Education– University of Alabama, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Greenville, South Carolina, 1868-1870 and 1873-1875. Ordained in 1871. Served churches in Camden, South Carolina, Okolona, Louisville and other towns of Mississippi; founded the Mississippi Baptist Orphanage, Jackson, 1897; served as superintendent, 1897-1903.  Field editor for Mississippi for the Western Recorder; associate editor of the History of the Columbus Baptist Association; 1840-1882; and Louisville (Miss.) Association, 1886. Organized and served as corresponding secretary of the Mississippi Baptist Historical Society.


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