Writer; teacher of writing. Born– January 11, 1924, Bristol, R.I. Parents– Herbert E. and Evelyn E. (Verity) Francis. Children– One adopted son. Education– University of Wisconsin, B.A.; Brown University, M.A. U.S. Army Air Force, 1942-45. Awarded Fulbright Fellowship to study at Pembroke College, Oxford University, 1953-1954; University of Cuyo, Argentina, 1964. Taught at Pennsylvania State University, 1950-1952; University of Tennessee, 1952-1956; Northern Illinois University, 1956-1958; Emory University, 1958-1966; University of Alabama in Huntsville, 1966-1988. Chair of North American and British Literature, National University of Cuyo. Lectured on American and British literature in Argentina, summers of 1964-1970. Published short stories in many periodicals and anthologies. Member Modern Language Association, Spanish Language Association, and other professional literary associations.; member Phi Beta Kappa. Received the John H. McGinnis Award in 1966 for short story “One of the Boys”; Iowa School of Letters Award for Short Fiction, 1973; Kansas Quarterly Best Story Award, 1974 and 1978; Pushcart Prize, 1976 and 1980; O. Henry Award, 1976.  Awarded DHL, University of Alabama, 1989.


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