Scholar and advocate of Persian and other Middle Eastern cultures and languages; Linguist; University professor. Born– January 10, 1920, Birmingham. Parents– Nels and Lillie (Hagman) Frye. Married– Barbara York, May 29, 1948. Children– Three. Married–Eden Naby.  Children–two.  Education– University of Illinois, A.B., 1939; Harvard University, M.A., 1940; Ph.D., 1946; post-doctoral study at the University of London, 1946-1947. Served with the U.S. Army Office of Strategic Services, 1941-1945; taught at Harvard as Aga Khan Professor of Iranian, 1957-1990; visiting professor at Frankfurt University, 1958-1959. Lectured in German (Germany), French (Tehran and Paris), Persian (Afghanistan), and Russian (Moscow). Member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences, International Orientalist Society, and the Explorers Club of New York.  Awarded emeritus status at Harvard on his retirement in 1990. Died March 27, 2014.


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A collection of the papers of Richard Nelson Frye is held by the special collections department at Harvard University libraries.