Journalist; public information director. Born– January 9, 1908, Montgomery.  Parents– William F. Frye, Sr., and Hattie Belle Booth Frye. Married– Ida Mary Atkinson. Children–three. Education– Harvard University, 1940. Reporter in Gadsden, Birmingham, and Nashville, Tenn.; joined staff of Associated Press, covering the War Department in Washington during World War II; part time staff of Stars and Stripes, World War II; adviser to Secretary of War, Robert Porter Patterson; speech writer for James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy and first Secretary of Defense; information director of the Armed Services Publicity Bureau, 1949; staff of the European Committee of the Military Aid Program, London, 1950; correspondent for NBC in Europe, 1951-53;worked for UNESCO, 1953-58; public information director for the National Council of Churches of Christ in the United States. Awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for Distinguished Public Service to the Department of Defense, 1950. Died March 29, 1961.


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