Professor of English; college administrator; pastor. Born– July 22, 1938, Piedmont. Parents– William Jesse and Genevieve (Putnam) Cook. Married– Judy M. Wallace, February 21, 1959. Children– Three. Education– Jacksonville State University, A.B., 1960; Auburn University, M.A., 1965, Ph.D., 1968. Taught English at Auburn University and Jacksonville State University; worked for Auburn University at Montgomery, 1969-75; vice-president for development, 1973-75.  In 1963 he was ordained a minister in the Church of Christ. Served as minister of the Highland Church of Christ at Carriage Hills in Montgomery, 1969-1976. Vice-president, Hudson-Thompson, Montgomery, 1975-77.  Published articles in professional journals. Member Modern Language Association, South Atlantic Modern Language Association, International Platform Association.


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