Advocate for education; college professor;  legislator; attorney. Born– June 5, 1825, near Double Branches (Lincoln County), Georgia. Parents– William and Susan (Winn) Curry. Married Ann Bowie, March 4, 1847. Children–four.  Married Mary Wortham Thomas, June 25, 1867. Education–graduated from the University of Georgia, 1843; from Dane Law School at Harvard, 1845.  Admitted to the bar in Talladega, 1846; sat in the Alabama legislature in 1847, 1855, and 1857; U.S. Congressman, 1852-1861 (withdrew with other Southerners, 1861); Confederate Congressman, 1861-1863. Served as a lieutenant colonel in the Confederate cavalry, 1864-65. Ordained as a Baptist minister, 1865; served as president of Howard College, 1865-68; professor of philosophy and law at Richmond College, Virginia, 1868-81.  General agent for the Peabody Fund (a private foundation established for the promotion of education in the South), after 1881.  Used the position to advocate for public education in the South, including the establishment of state normal schools for teacher preparation, the acceptance of responsibility for rural schools by state legislatures, and the provision of public schools for both black and white children.  Considered the father of public schools in the states of the old Confederacy.  Helped to organize the Southern Education Board and served as its director until his death.  Twice appointed U.S. Ambassador to Spain, 1885-88 and 1902.  One of two Alabama citizens honored by having a statue placed in the U. S. Capitol. Died February 12, 1903.


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The papers of J. L. M. Curry are distributed over several libraries;  larger collections are held by the Library of Congress and the Alabama Department of Archives and History;  smaller collections are found at several libraries, including Duke University and the University of North Carolina.