Editor, writer. Born– May 21, 1839, Columbia, S.C. Parents– Mardici Heninrich and Rebecca (Lopez y Nunez) De Leon, Education– Attended Rugby Academy and Georgetown College, Washington, D.C. Employed as a clerk for the Topographical Engineering Bureau, 1858-1861; served in the Confederate Army, 1861-1865; edited Cosmopolite Magazine, 1865-1866; wrote for various New York newspapers and magazines, and translated French novels, 1866-1867; managing editor of Mobile Register, 1868-1876; editor, 1877-, while continuing to write for national publications;  edited the Mobile papers The Gossip and The Gulf Citizen, 1873-1896. Managed the Mobile Theater, 1873-1885. Organized and managed the Mobile Mardi Gras Carnival for 25 years; created carnivals for several other cities.  Published political writings under the name Dunne Browne. Lost his eyesight in 1903; sometimes called “The Blind Laureate of the Lost Cause.”  Died March 19, 1914.


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A collection of the papers of Thomas Cooper De Leon is held by the Caroliniana Library at the University of South Carolina in Columbia.