In Spring 2021, the University of Alabama will continue to offer classes that are socially distanced for face-to-face instruction, hybrid format, online synchronous, and online asynchronous We have revised our request form so that you can give some basic information about what you are looking for in scheduling library instruction sessions, but you will have the opportunity to work the details out to suit your classes when your librarian gets in contact with you. If the form does not offer the accommodation you are looking for, fill it out as best you can and then communicate with your librarian about the specifics of your needs.

The liaison librarian who serves your area will contact you to confirm the date and place and will want to meet with you to set goals for the session. Your librarian will benefit from seeing your syllabus and the assignment that your students are working on concurrent to their session, in order to better-contextualize their lesson plan.

Note on location for instruction sessions

We have opened one of our event rooms for socially-distanced in-person library instruction for groups of about 25. If you are requesting in-person instruction it is also possible that we will ask if we can hold our sessions in your regular classroom because the classroom space in Gorgas is limited due to COVID-19.

Accessibility Statement

At this point, you are probably not aware of any specific accessibility needs that your students have. But before you come to the library you probably will. The accommodations that your students are given in your class (especially if they are from the Office of Disability Services) ideally should be offered in the library classroom, too, so make sure you let your librarian know about them. You can usually do this without identifying the specific students who are receiving accommodations. The best approach to this aspect of your library instruction is open communication with your librarian, so that they can provide the best service to your students during their sessions.

Let’s get your instruction scheduled

Please choose the dates that will work best for your class to come to the library. We will do our best to accommodate your first choice of date for each of your instruction sessions, but be aware that during certain parts of the semester, the library experiences a heavy volume of classes visiting. Regardless of space and volume issues, we are really looking forward to working with your class and will do everything in our power to make it easy for you!

To schedule a session, please complete the form below. For questions please contact Sara Maurice Whitver, Coordinator of Library Instruction (