Once a request is submitted a librarian should follow up with you within 5 business days to confirm an instruction date and location. If you do not receive a librarian follow up within 5 business days or if you have questions, please contact Michael Pearce via email at pearc007@ua.edu or call (205) 348-6194. The University Libraries offer library instruction sessions for many courses throughout the fall, spring, and summer terms. These classes are designed as working sessions and should be scheduled to coincide with an assignment requiring library research. Students need to select a topic and identify keywords prior to class. The library can provide support materials to facilitate this process. Help us make these sessions a success by observing the following guidelines:
  • Instructors must submit a separate form for each section.
  • Instructors should schedule the session to coincide with a research assignment.
  • Instructors should be present during the session.
To schedule a session, please complete the form below. For questions please contact Michael Pearce via email at pearc007@ua.edu or call (205) 348-6194.