Gorgas Library, Pearce Foyer

For Home and Country: America’s Entry into the “War to End All Wars”

Martha Bace
Beginning March 2017

Over Here and Over There exhibit

Hoole Library, Lobby (Mary Harmon Bryant Hall, 2nd floor)

Over Here & Over There: Exploring the Sheet Music Scores of WWI

Kate Matheny
Spring 2017

As a representation of the culture of the day, music scores allow us to see what people were thinking and talking about, translated into melody, rhythm, lyric, and even cover art. That certainly includes their ideas about the European conflict that became the “Great War.” This exhibit explores common symbols, tropes, and themes in the music about that war, which often reflect the contemporary publishing environment.

Stained glass window from Tuskegee University

A. S. Williams III Americana Collection, Reading Room

A Message of Glad News for All the Race: Celebrating 135 Years at Tuskegee University

Martha Bace & Nancy DuPree
Beginning August 2016

Authorized by the Alabama legislature in 1881 with only a $2000 appropriation, Tuskegee University has grown far beyond the original one-room shanty with one teacher and thirty students in Tuskegee, known first as the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial School and then Tuskegee Institute. Now with some 5,000 acres and more than seventy buildings, over 3,000 students attend Tuskegee University.

To mark this milestone of 135 years of education, this exhibit highlights many of the early “trades” advocated by founding principal Booker T. Washington (including farming, woodworking and brick making, harness making, tailoring and sewing, millinery, cooking, and housekeeping) through the academic coursework of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The exhibit also showcases several recipes developed by renowned botanist, agriculturalist, and inventor George Washington Carver; the music program established by Mrs. Jennie C. Lee and grown by William L. Dawson; the architecture of Robert R. Taylor; and the civil rights movement in Tuskegee.