This form is for Library Instruction for EN101/102/103/104

For all other instruction (including English Literature), please submit a request using our General Instruction Request Form.

Library Instruction Requests for EN102/103/104 must be submitted by the end of the first week of the semeter in order to receive priority scheduling. Once a request is submitted, a librarian will follow up with you within 5 business days to confirm an instruction date and location. If you do not receive a librarian follow up within 5 business days or if you have questions, please contact Sara Whitver via email at or call (205) 348-0896.

Help us make these sessions a success by observing the following guidelines

  • For Spring 2015 please submit instruction requests before January 16, 2015
  • Instructors must submit a separate form for each section they are teaching
  • Instructors must schedule the session to coincide with a research assignment
  • Instructors should be present during the session

The University Libraries offer a 2-session sequence of Inforamtion Literacy Library Instruction for EN 102, 103 and 104 throughout the fall, spring, and summer terms. These sessions are designed as working sessions and must be scheduled to coincide with an assignment requiring library research.

Our session learning outcomes are as follows

Libary Day 1
  • Student will develop an appropriately narrow research question in order to be able to identify key concepts
  • Students will extract relevant keywords and related search terms from their thesis statement or research question in order to develop a targeted search strategy
  • Student will identify related search terms (broad, narrow and parallel) in order to adjust their search strategy
Libary Day 2
  • Students will distinguish between different types of resources in order to select relevant and reliable sources appropriate to the topic and assignment
  • Students will use abstracts, subject headings and limiters in order to narrow a search successfully

The Spring 100-Level English Library Sign-ups will be closed onJanuary 16th.

To schedule a session, please complete the form below. For questions please contact Sara Whitver via email at or call (205) 348-0896.

Please submit a separate form for each section.

Instructor and Class Information

Scheduling Library Visits

EN102, 103, and 104 usually come to the library twice during the semester. Our sessions are designed to introduce students to the research process, and we recommend you schedule your visits around your first research assignment. A lot of classes schedule their first visit (Narrowing Your Topic and Choosing Search Terms) between week 3- week 5 of the semester, and the second visit (Evaluating Sources) during week 6- week 8. For more information about the outcomes for these visits, please see the Library Guide for Instructors:


We do our best to schedule your visit on your first preferred date. However, as our space and our schedules fill up, we might have to use your second or third preference. Your library visits are incredibly important to us and we will do everything we can to make sure that the schedule we offer is the best fit for your class!