The operation and use of the Alabama Digital Humanities Center is governed by the following policies.  They may be amended at any time.

  1.  The Alabama Digital Humanities Center (ADHC) is intended to support the activities outlined in the mission (
  2. The ADHC facility is intended to support research activities; it is not a classroom, and may not be scheduled or used as a campus classroom.
  3. The ADHC is a multi-person/use space–there may be multiple small groups in the facility at the same time; thus, all participants must be aware of and sensitive to each other.
  4. Equipment and furniture (chairs, tables, whiteboards, markers, etc.) are not to be moved out of the facility. Always return them to their original location.
  5. During ADHC workshops participants will have priority access to the computers, technology, equipment, and furniture.  Workshops are posted on the monitor to the left of the entrance.
  6. Be courteous to others by using headphones when working on multimedia projects.
  7. Please keep the facility clean. The ADHC is not a lounge or break room.
  8. Do not prop the doors open for unauthorized visitors. Individuals must swipe their ActionCard to access the facility.