The University of Alabama provides access to computing and networking facilities and resources as a service primarily to faculty, staff, and students in support of their research, instructional, administrative, and other intellectual pursuits related to and in fulfillment of the University of Alabama's mission and to the members of the local community when possible. All users of the electronic resources located within the University Libraries have a responsibility to use these resources in an ethical and legal manner.

Guidelines for Acceptable Use

  1. Use of University Libraries workstations is a privilege, and access is intended to support and promote educational purposes. These educational purposes include research, resource discovery that fulfills class assignments, enhancement of career development, support of instruction, and promotion of University related goals and objectives.
  2. Library workstations are provided to offer access to library databases and other information sources. Persons using workstations for other purposes may be asked to relinquish their use of the workstation.
  3. University Libraries reserves the right to impose time limitations on the use of library computing resources.
  4. Users may not:
    1. Load or attempt to load any software, either by diskette, CD-ROM, flash drive, or download, onto a University Libraries workstation.
    2. Use the workstation to engage in any illegal activity, including violation of copyright laws.
    3. Use the workstation to distribute advertising or for commercial purposes.
    4. Use the workstation with the intent to intimidate, harass, or display hostility toward others. Users are also asked to be sensitive to the displaying of material that others might find offensive.
    5. Use the workstation in a manner that is disruptive to the concentration of others or in a manner that causes a disturbance.
    6. Evade or attempt to evade system and network security measures.
  5. University Libraries reserves the right to delete files from system and network hard drives.
  6. University Libraries assumes no responsibility to users for damages, direct or indirect, arising from the use of computer and network facilities or from deletion of files from system and network hard drives.
  7. University Libraries workstations are available to the public, with some exceptions. University Libraries faculty and staff do not monitor nor do they have control over materials and information accessed on workstations within the Libraries. Parents or legal guardians, not the University nor library staff, are responsible for minor children's use of the University Libraries, including access to Internet workstations, and of informing them about materials they should not use.
  8. Persons violating these guidelines may be asked to leave the premises. University faculty, staff, and students also may be subject to disciplinary action.

Revised 4/11