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The Collection holds important books and pamphlets on Southern history, with an emphasis on Alabama. This section is rich in personal narratives, especially early travel accounts, county histories from not only Alabama but all of the southern states, biographies and scholarly monographs. The pamphlet collection is strong in rare Alabama and Southern titles, with African-American history, church history, politics and town histories being emphasized. The Southern Indian is well represented, with a number of scholarly works and ethnological publications. A significant number of rare titles are held in this area, including first editions of James Adair’s History of the American Indians (London, 1775), William Bartram’s Travel Through Carolina, Georgia… Florida (Philadelphia, 1791), John C. Reid’s Reid’s Tramp…Through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Sonora and California (Selma, 1858) and a copy of the first book published in Alabama, Henry Hitchcock’s  Alabama Justice of the Peace(Cahawba, 1822).