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Notes from SURA Research Data Management (RDM) conference call of 8/13/12

These calls are now scheduled for every other Monday at 4:00pm Eastern (3pm Central). The next SURA RDM group call is scheduled for Monday, August 27. We will continue to use the same conference bridge: 800-377-8846 Pin: 14421498. Materials associated with the work of this group are available on the RDM WiKi: http://www.lib.ua.edu/wiki/sura/


John Burger (ASERL), Keith Campbell (GSU), Joseph Combs (Vanderbilt), Gary Crane (SURA), Sara Graves (UAH), Marc Hoit (NCSU), Steven Morris (NCSU), Richard Newman (FIT), Don Riley (UMD), Bryan Sinclair (GSU), Pat Vince (Tulane), Tom Wilson (UA)

Action Items:

1) Everyone planning to attend the August 23rd meeting in Atlanta should register by sending an email to gcrane@sura.org (see list of registered attendees below).

Discussion Items:

Aug. 8 NSF DataWay Webinar: NSF Math and Physical Sciences (MPS) division has turned up a website (http://www.nsf.gov/mps/dataway/dataway.jsp) where they are posting information about the DataWay Initiative. NSF held a second NSF DataWay webinar on August 8. PowerPoint slides from that webinar are available on the DataWay website. The webinar announced a DataWay Charrette (planning meeting) in Nov/Dec of this year and suggested that whitepapers would be welcome from the community to help set the agenda for the Charrette. We will discuss whitepaper topics as part of our Aug. 23 Atlanta meeting. Suggested whitepaper topics included: identification of user requirements, technical solutions for capturing, sharing and curating research data, and governance and community building.

August 23rd RDM Group Face-to-face Meeting: Arrangements have been finalized for our Aug. 23rd meeting at the Atlanta Airport Renaissance Hotel (see attached agenda or the RDM WiKi for details). If you are planning to attend and your name is not on the list below, please send an email to Gary Crane (gcrane@sura.org) indicating your intent to attend. Current registered participants for the Aug. 23rd Atlanta meeting:

First Last Institution

J.L. Albert GSU

Jordon Andrade FSU

Bliss Bailey Auburn

Diane Bruxvoort UFL

John Burger ASERL

Keith Campbell GSU

Theo Chaojareon GWU

Gary Crane SURA

Sara Graves UAH

Marc Hoit NCSU

Wendy Mann GMU

Sean Moore Tulane

Richard Newman FIT

Bryan Sinclair GSU

Aaron Trehub Auburn

Pat Vince Tulane

Christopher Vinson Clemson

Susan Wells-Parham GaTech

Tom Wilson UA