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Notes from SURA Research Data Management (RDM) conference call of 7/30/12

These calls are now scheduled for every other Monday at 4:00pm Eastern (3pm Central). The next SURA RDM group call will be on Monday, August 13. We will continue to use the same conference bridge: 800-377-8846 Pin: 14421498.Italic text'


J. L. Albert (GSU), Keith Campbell (GSU), Joseph Combs (Vanderbilt), Gary Crane (SURA), Erik Deumens (UFL), Marc Hoit (NCSU), Dan Majchrzak (USF), Sean Moore (Tulane), Steve Morris (NCSU), Andrew Sallens (UVA), Bryan Sinclair (GSU), Aaron Trehub (Auburn), Pat Vince (Tulane), Susan Wells-Parham (GaTech), Tom Wilson (UA)

Action Items:

  1. Everyone: review and edit the draft “Step-By-Step Guide to Data Management” and the Directory of Metadata Schema that are now posted on the RDM group wiki: http://www.lib.ua.edu/wiki/sura/
  2. Gary Crane to announce August 23 RDM face-to-face meeting in Atlanta and circulate draft agenda.

Discussion Items:

Status of the RDM Group Wiki: Tom Wilson has created a SURA RDM Wiki for use by this group. The URL for the RDM Wiki is: wiki: http://www.lib.ua.edu/wiki/sura/

The current version of the “Step-By-Step Guide to Data Management is posted on the RDM Wiki and available for edit by the community. Also posted on the RDM Wiki for community edit and input is the initial version of the Directory of Metadata Schema as posted by Pat Vince from Tulane. The bi-weekly RDM call notes will be maintained on the RDM Wiki as well as the agenda and logistics for the August 23rd face-to-face meeting in Atlanta.

August RDM Group Face-to-face Meeting: The group discussed the results of the face-to-face meeting survey. The survey indicated a preference for the Thursday, Aug. 23 date and that date was approved by the group. Twenty-four people indicated on the survey that they were planning to attend the one day meeting in Atlanta. John Burger, Gary Crane, Marc Hoit and Tom Wilson met by conference call the week of July 23rd and developed a strawman agenda for the Aug. 23 Atlanta meeting. That draft agenda was reviewed and approved on the call and is now posted on the RDM Wiki. Gary is working to get an NSF DataWay program representative to present at the Aug. 23 meeting to provide an overview of the DataWay program and answer questions. Details of the August 23rd RDM meeting will be posted to the RDM Wiki as they become available.

NSF DataWay Program: NSF Math and Physical Sciences division has turned up a website: http://www.nsf.gov/mps/dataway/dataway.jsp where they are posting information about the DataWay Initiative. NSF has announced a second NSF DataWay webinar to be held on August 8. To register for the Aug. 8 DataWay webinar Go to:


Once the host approves your request, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for joining the meeting.