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Notes from SURA Research Data Management (RDM) conference call of 2/11/13

SURA RDM group calls are scheduled for every other Monday at 4:00pm Eastern (3pm Central). The next SURA RDM group call is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 25. We will continue to use the same conference bridge: 800-377-8846 Pin: 14421498. Materials associated with the work of this group are available on the RDM WiKi: http://www.lib.ua.edu/wiki/sura/ Attendees: Diane Bruxvoort (UFL), Jonathan Crabtree (Odum), Gary Crane (SURA), Holly Miller (FIT), Steven Morris (NCSU), Richard Newman (FIT), Lizzy Rolando (GaTech), Bryan Sinclair (GSU), Laurie Taylor (UFL), Aaron Trehub (Auburn)

Discussion Items:

Status of Dataverse Network Pilot Seven institutions indicated that they wanted to participate in the DVN Pilot project; FIT, GaTech, GMU, NCSU, UA, UFL, SURA (Coastal Modeling Testbed). Jonathan and Gary indicated that they will be able to support all 7 participants. The proposed projects represent a good mix of different types of data and different data collection techniques. This is also a good mix of people that includes library and IT staff as well as researchers. Gary has created a DVN Pilot project mailing list (dvn-pilot@sura.org) and Jonathan and Gary are planning a DVN pilot project kick-off webinar on Feb. 25.

NSF sponsored RDM Implementation Workshop March 13-14 Gary reminded the group that the deadline for paper submission to the NSF sponsored RDM Implementation workshop is rapidly approaching. Gary and Jonathan will be attending this meeting and Gary has submitted an “experience” paper summarizing the activities of the RDM group. Details on the workshop can be found at: https://rdmi.uchicago.edu/

ASERL’s Data Management Policy Draft SURA finalized a joint press release with ASERL to announce the “Model Language for Research Data Management Policies” document. The joint press release is available at: http://sura.org/news/2013/ASERL-SURA-RDM020613.pdf

Open Discussion – What Next? Gary started a discussion with the group to consider what else the RDM group could be doing now that we are spinning up the DVN pilot project with a subset of the group. A recent paper produced by Educause, “Developing an Institutional Research Data Management Plan Service”, was discussed by the group (http://www.educause.edu/library/resources/developing-institutional-research-data-management-plan-service). The group thought that we might pursue an expansion of the “Step-By-Step Guide” that would be more of a browseable tool kit that might incorporate some of the socio-technical issues raised in the Educause paper. Some in the RDM group are working to implement pieces of this at their institutions with some focused on implementing RDM services within the context of the DMPTool. There was interest among the group on the call to explore this as a next step.