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Notes from SURA Research Data Management (RDM) conference call of 9/10/12

These calls are now scheduled for every other Monday at 4:00pm Eastern (3pm Central). The next SURA RDM group call is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 24. We will continue to use the same conference bridge: 800-377-8846 Pin: 14421498. Materials associated with the work of this group are available on the RDM WiKi: http://www.lib.ua.edu/wiki/sura/

Attendees: Diane Bruxvoort (UFL), John Burger (ASERL), Keith Campbell (GSU), Theo Chaojareon (GWU), Erik Deumens (UFL), Marc Hoit (NCSU), Wendy Mann (GMU), Holly Miller (FIT), Sean Moore (Tulane), Steven Morris (NCSU), Richard Newman (FIT), Don Riley (UMD), Lizzy Rolando (GaTech), Bryan Sinclair (GSU), Aaron Trehub (Auburn), Tom Wilson (UA)

Action Items:

  • Gary: Send Nov meeting info to all RDM and invite Judy Verbeke to Nov. 1 SURA IT Committee meeting.
  • Review updated version of SBSG and either edit, or send comments – bring back the data lifecycle diagram and explain in the introduction how the SBSG combines some of the steps of the data life cycle.
  • Complete 1 page white paper abstracts.

Discussion Items: Nov. 1 SURA IT Committee meeting: The SURA Fall Board and IT Committee meetings will be held on the Georgetown University campus in Washington, DC on Thursday, November 1. The group discussed how the RDM group might play a role in the IT Committee portion of the meeting. This could be a good opportunity to create a more formal role for the RDM group within SURA. This is also a good opportunity for another face-to-face meeting of the RDM group and because of the DC location an excellent opportunity to interact with Federal funding agency reps. The group requested additional information about the Nov.1 first SURA IT Committee meeting. The group also expressed an interest in continuing the dialogue with Judy Verbeke (NSF DataWay Program Manager). Other than an acknowledgement and thank you for the summary we sent her after our Aug. 23rd meeting in Atlanta, Judy has not responded to our input to the DataWay process. Gary will follow-up with Judy to explore her participation at the Nov. 1 meeting.

Review outcomes and action items from Aug. 23rd Atlanta meeting:

Continue development of SBSG using info from Atlanta meeting: Aaron has added info based on input from the Aug. 23rd Atlanta meeting. This includes new links, Tulane Meta Data, and other resources (new tools, etc). The current version of the SBSG does not have steps that correlate directly with each step in Data Cycle – so he has kept a "merged" version - where some of data life cycle steps are combined. The group requested that the Data Lifecycle diagram that was in earlier versions be added back in to provide overall context and that language be added to the introduction that explains how the SBSG combines some of the steps of the data life cycle.

Everyone should review this updated version and either edit, or send comments to Aaron Trehub (trehuaj@AUBURN.EDU). The document still needs an introduction that describes how the steps of the data life cycle are incorporated into this guide. We need to think about how we want to make the guide known to the community. Should we have an official release, possibly a press release? Perhaps, after review and comments on next call we could have an official release of Version 1. We should discuss how best to publicize the SBSG on our next call.

Status of DataWay whitepaper abstracts: The group developed the following new schedule for completing the 1 page white paper abstracts:

Sept 24th - any that are ready - we can discuss Oct 8th - all due and discuss on regular RDM call Oct 22 - final issues - ready for distribution Ready for discussion at IT Committee on Nov 1

White papers abstracts (with lead) identified at Aug. 23rd Atlanta meeting:

  • Collect best practices for communities of practice (Pat)
  • Economic models for sustainable curation (Jordan)
  • Community formation across groups (Gary)
  • Metadata / vocabulary ontology (Sean)
  • Incentives / Drivers for use/adoption (Rick McMullen)
  • Involve research, IT, Lib and education goals/Governance (Diane/Gary)
  • Volunteers will draft a 1 page outline for a white paper for comment by group.
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