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Notes from SURA Research Data Management (RDM) conference call of 7/16/12

These calls are now scheduled for every other Monday at 4:00pm Eastern (3pm Central). The next SURA RDM group call will be on Monday, July 30. We will continue to use the same conference bridge: 800-377-8846 Pin: 14421498.Italic text

Attendees: Gary Crane (SURA), Diane Bruxvoort (UFL), John Burger (ASERL), Joseph Combs (Vanderbilt), Elias Eldayrie (UFL), Sara Graves (UAH), Marc Hoit (NCSU), Wendy Mann (GMU), Steve Morales (DPN), Russell Moy (SURA), Vijay Padmanabhan (GWU), Bryan Sinclair (GSU), Aaron Trehub (Auburn), Pat Vince (Tulane), Tom Wilson (UA), Gary Worley (VaTech)

Action Items:

  1. 1) Everyone: review and edit the draft “Step-By-Step Guide to Data Management” that is now posted on the RDM group wiki: http://www.lib.ua.edu/wiki/sura/index.php/Main_Page
  2. 2) Pat Vince will distribute a compiled list of discipline specific metadata schema. This will be posted on the wiki so the community can add to the list.
  3. 3) Gary Crane to poll group for best date (Aug. 23 or Aug. 24) for a 1 day meeting in Atlanta and begin agenda and meeting planning.

July 16 Discussion Items:

Draft Step-By-Step Guide to Data Management: Aaron Trehub gave an update on the status of the Guide. The document still needs editing and several comments still need to be addressed. Aaron agreed to send the document in its current state to Tom Wilson for posting on the new RDM Wiki. The group discussed the need for two forms of this document; a short (2 page version for use as an introductory tool) and a longer, more detailed version for implementers. This could potentially be addressed by a 2 page on-line document with hyperlinks to more detailed information. We also need to keep in mind one of the original purposes of this document; identifying gaps in the RDM process as a way to identify additional tasks/projects that this group could focus on. Shortly after this call Tom Wilson posted the Step-By-Step Guide to Data Management to the RDM wiki: http://www.lib.ua.edu/wiki/sura/index.php/Main_Page

Update on creation of Metadata Schema compilation: Pat Vince reported that she now has over 40 references to discipline specific metadata that she is compiling into a spreadsheet that she will post to the RDM wiki. This should be available by the end of the week (7/20). Once posted on the wiki, everyone should review and add to this list as appropriate.

NSF DataWay Program: NSF Math and Physical Sciences division has turned up a website (http://www.nsf.gov/mps/dataway/dataway.jsp) where they are posting information about the DataWay Initiative. Nothing new has been posted to this site since our last call on 7/2. A second webinar on the DataWay program is listed for August with no specific date yet identified.

August RDM Group Face-to-face Meeting: The group discussed the need for a face-to-face meeting in August. We have had the dates Aug. 23 and 24 on hold for this purpose and the group agreed that those were still good dates. It was agreed that we should shoot for a 1 day, fly-in fly-out meeting at the Atlanta airport. Gary will send out a poll to the group to identify the best day (Thursday 8/23 or Friday 8/24). John Burger, Pat Vince and Tom Wilson agreed to work with Gary and Marc Hoit to draft an agenda for discussion by the group on our next call (7/30).