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Each type of XML we use in Acumen must have XSLT files for two different things: display and indexing. Here we talk about display.

There's a different XSL file for each type of metadata:

  • mods.xsl for MODS
  • ead.xsl for EAD
  • collection.xsl for collection xml files

If you add a new type of metadata, you'll need to provide an xsl for display.

The XSLT that transforms our XML metadata into a nice display resides in the assets/xsl subdirectories within acumen-old (live), acumen-old/staging, and acumen-old/dev in /srv/www/htdocs/.

  1. When you need to modify something, first test on your desktop with XMLspy.
  2. THEN copy to the staging directory, after backing up the previous version of the file (/srv/www/htdocs/acumen-old/staging/assets/xsl/)
  3. View it in staging: http://acumen.lib.ua.edu/staging/ and modify if necessary
  4. Once it looks good, copy the new file to live: /srv/www/htdocs/acumen-old/assets/xsl/
  5. Check the live version to make sure it's good: http://acumen.lib.ua.edu/

NOTE: the oai XSL in these directories are not currently in use. For OAI, look in the LEGACY directory: /srv/www/htdocs/acumen-old/legacy/mv/vendors/. There is a separate XSL file for each type of metadata and for each target audience there. The mets and collection and tags and ead xsl are not in use at this time.