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XSL (EXtensible Stylesheet Language) is used by Acumen for both web display and for extraction of content for indexing and OAI (Open Archives Intitiative) metadata delivery.

Acumen can support the web delivery of any content for which an XML (Extensible Markup Language) metadata record is provided, but for it to do so, it needs corresponding XSL files.

Thus, we have XSL files for:

The staging area XSL exist on the libcontent server in /srv/www/htdocs/acumen/staging/assets/xsl/ . Access to this area is provided via softlinks for digital services personnel and metadata librarians.

The XSL for both MODS and EAD finding aids have been altered to support Schema.org encodings, to provide web search engines with appropriate indexing metadata (to increase our Search Engine Optimization).