Working Lives: Audio Decision List (ADL) Template

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Until Audio Decision List standards are further researched, decision list information will be formatted based on the template guidelines below.

  • Notes:
  • administrative metadata needs to say that:
  1. our RMS leveling preset would only, in case of potential clipping, normalize recording to 0db, otherwise out RMS presets level the recording to a -25db RMS.
  2. we are using HH:MM:SS:SSS timecode not SMPTE NON-DROP as we are in the JHOVE output. With the next project, maybe we should switch to SMPTE NON-DROP?
  3. we are using SoundForge 9.0 for Windows
- nitin arora, 042909

Editing Working Lives: Audio Decision List (ADL) Template

Notes need to be precise and direct with minimal verbiage.

For now, the only processes we can apply are:

  1. Normalization,
  2. Volume,
  3. extraneous silence/noise deletion (do this only after the extraneous beginning and end of the recording).
  4. and hard limiting using the setting "[Sys] Limit levels to -6 dB (hard limiter)". We will truncate the hard limiter to be written as "-6db HARD LIMITER".

All notes, should be prefaced with "Note:" and should be written only after all technical information regarding leveling, etc. The notes should be complete sentences, but if they refer to only a particular portion of the recording always begin with the timecodes.

Note that all timecodes are surrounded by [brackets]. This includes numerical data as well as [START] and [END].

DO NOT notate:

  1. our additions of 2s silence at beginning and 1s silence at end of recording.
  2. silence we delete from the beginning and end because it was created by the digitization process or because it represents blank tape on the source recording. We are only interested in notating silence we remove once the audio has gotten underway.
  3. Deletion/Addition of markers.


_0001: DELETED [00:10:10:001] to [00:10:13:001] due to silence.

DELETED [00:11:10:001] to [00:11:13:001] due to cable noise.


APPLIED -6db HARD LIMITER from [00:21:01:001] to [00:21:10:001].


APPLIED +2db VOLUME from [00:21:01:001] to [END].

NOTE: [01:21:01:001] to [01:25:10:001] is a recording of a baseball game. The interview resumes at [01:25:10:001].

NOTE: [START] to [00:05:10:001] is recorded at a higher pitch. This is native to the recording and is likely due to operator error during the interview.

10:23 AM 2/24/2009 na.

_0002: ...

10:45 AM 2/24/2009 ww.

_0003: ...

11:00 AM 2/24/2009 na.

  • HINT/SHORTCUT: pressing F5 in Notepad adds a timestamp with time/date.