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Overview of Workflow

  • Prepare Collection
    • Obtain Materials
    • Set up Folder Structure on Share Drive
    • Assemble/Create Collection Documentation
  • Digitize Collection
    • Capture Images
    • Optimize Image Files
    • Track Progress
    • Check Images against Metadata
  • Finalize Collection
    • Perform Quality Control on Image Files
    • Finalize Metadata
    • Create MODS
    • Create OCR List (if necessary)
  • Upload Collection to Acumen
    • Run script to create JPEGs and copy content to libcontent1 server
    • Run script to relocate content in libcontent1 server to Acumen directories
  • Move Collection to Storage Server
    • Run script to relocate original content from Share Drive to Storage Server

Collection-Level Workflow

Scans_folder : Folder Renaming To Show Progress

Preparing Collections on the S Drive for Online Delivery and Storage

Moving Content to Acumen and Archive

Moving Content To Long-Term Storage

Metadata Movement

Item-Level Workflow

Digitization Workflow By Collection Type