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*Prepare Collection for Upload
*Prepare Collection for Upload
**Perform [[Quality Control]] on Image Files
**Perform [[Quality Control]] on Image Files
**Export Metadata, Tracking Data, and [[OCR List]] (see [[Preparing_Collections_on_the_S_Drive_for_Online_Delivery_and_Storage | Preparing Collections]])
**Export Metadata, [[Tracking Data]], and [[OCR List]] (see [[Preparing_Collections_on_the_S_Drive_for_Online_Delivery_and_Storage | Preparing Collections]])
**Create [[Making MODS | MODS]]
**Create [[Making MODS | MODS]]
**Set aside materials for return to stacks
**Set aside materials for return to stacks

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Overview of Workflow

  • Set Up Collection
    • Obtain Materials
    • For new collections, on Selection spreadsheet, move the collection's line of data from Queue to DS_inProgress
    • For new collections, set up Folder Structure on Share Drive (or move one already set up by April, if found in S:\Digital Projects\Digital_Coll_in_progress\Digital_Coll_Waiting)
    • For new collections, Assemble/Create Collection Documentation
      • Make Collection information XML
      • Add columns from trackingcolumns_template.xlsx (in S:\Digital Projects\Organization\Digital_Program_Logs\TrackingFiles\TrackingFiles_database_files) to end of Metadata spreadsheet
  • Digitize Collection
    • Check Images against Metadata
    • Capture Images
    • Optimize Image Files
    • Track Progress as you go
  • Prepare Collection for Upload
  • Upload Collection to Acumen
    • Run script to create JPEGs and copy content to libcontent1 server
    • Run script to relocate content in libcontent1 server to Acumen directories
  • Move Collection to Storage Server
    • Run script to relocate original content from Share Drive to Storage Server
  • Complete Collection (when done capturing all material from collection)
    • On Selection spreadsheet, move the collection's line of data from DS_inProgress to DS_DigitizationComplete

Item-Level Workflow

Collection-Level Workflow

Digitization Workflow By Collection Type