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==Overview of Workflow==
==Overview of Workflow==
*[[Set Up Collection]]
*[[Set Up Collection]]
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== Digitization Workflow By Collection Type==
== Digitization Workflow By Collection Type==
*[[Audio: Project Specifications and Workflow|Audio]]
*[[Audio Digitization]]
*[[Manuscript items | Manuscript and Image]]   
*[[Most_Content | Images and Text]]   
*[[Scanning_Sheet_Music|Sheet Music]] (we are no longer digitizing such collections)
*[[Electronic Theses and Dissertations]]
*[[Undergraduate Research Projects]]
*[[Mass Digitization Workflow]]
*[[Mass Digitization Workflow]]
*[[Scrapbook Workflow]]
==Collection-Level Workflow ==
==Collection-Level Workflow ==

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Overview of Workflow

  • Set Up Collection
    • Obtain Materials
    • For new collections
      • On Selection.xlsx spreadsheet (S:\Digital Projects\Digital_Program), move the collection's line of data from Queue to DS_inProgress
      • Set up folder structure on Share Drive (or relocate from S:\Digital Projects\Digital_Coll_in_progress\Digital_Coll_Waiting)
      • Make Collection information XML file
      • Add columns from trackingcolumns_template.xlsx (in S:\Digital Projects\Organization\Digital_Program_Logs\TrackingFiles\TrackingFiles_database_files) to end of Metadata spreadsheet
  • Digitize Collection, assigning item numbers and entering those plus box/folder information or photo IDs into the spreadsheet.
    • Capture images
    • Optimize image files
    • Track Progress as you go, and check images against your entries
  • Prepare Collection for Upload
    • Perform Quality Control (eyeball check and script)
    • Create OCR files (for non-handwritten text only)
    • Run script to make FITS
    • Run holdContent script to transfer archival content to server, and place metadata spreadsheet and jpegs in For_Metadata_Librarians
    • When completing a collection: On Selection.xlsx spreadsheet, move the collection's line of data from DS_inProgress to DS_DigitizationComplete
  • After Metadata Librarians return collection directory with MODS:
    • Run checkJpegs script to check their MODS -> JPEGs and JPEGs -> TIFFs; clear up any problems
    • Run jpegs2Server script to generate web derivatives, relocate MODS and those into upload directory, and move archival content to deposits for archiving
    • Check output, then run relocate_all to put content in Acumen

Digitization Workflow By Collection Type

Collection-Level Workflow

Item-Level Workflow