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The following reflects the plan for digitization of Cartes de Visite (CDVs) agreed upon by Christa Vogelius and Digital Services.


Items should be captured in this order:

  • Left to right, top to bottom
  • Front-facing cards only (back-facing cards are front-facing for the next page)
  • WATCH FOR CARDS facing one another! If found, work them in.



  • Master Spreadsheet once a binder has been completed add the lines of metadata from the temporary sheet to the master
  • Binder Spreadsheet create a separate temporary spreadsheet for each new binder started
    • Example: binder 8, ="w0001_2014001.binder8.m01.xlsx"
    • This sheet is temporary and should only be used during the process of scanning do not make mods or archive this sheet.
    • Delete the binder sheet after the binder has been digitized and it has been added to the master metadata.
  • Binder titles have been provided by Christa (see below)
  • Item titles should be created in this form: [binder title], item [sequence number]
    • Example: Cartes de Visite -- General Southern -- Album Groups, Item 12
  • Items should be numbered sequentially through each binder, starting at one
    • Item numbers in the filename will be constructed like this: two digits for binder number plus five digits for sequence number
    • Example: binder 8, item 112 = w0001_2014001_0800112
  • In the metadata, there should be no reference to the item's binder page or location on the page
  • In column AD of the m01 spreadsheet under Place of Publication, we will enter one of the following:
    • [City, State]
    • [State] (if city unknown)
    • Unknown (if city and state unknown -- DO NOT LEAVE THIS FIELD BLANK)
  • Collection level metadata will be entered into the TrackingFilenames spreadsheet by Christa
  • MODS are created as follows:
    • 1st version, by DS, as normal
    • After we complete digitization of each batch (or at least the first batch), we will send Christa the spreadsheet for updating
    • 2nd version, by DS, after Christa updates the metadata
    • After DS generates MODS the 2nd time, they will 'pass the spreadsheet(s) to the metadata librarians via the usual method
    • 3rd version, by MU, as normal
  • The Finding Aid, which will come later, will organize the CDVs by content, not by binder

Materials Exchange

  • Materials will be checked out using a material transfer form similar to the one used for Hoole, found in S:\Digital Projects\Administrative\Pipeline\Material_exchange_pipeline
  • Binders will be divided into two groups for exchange: binders 1-11 and binders 12-20

Binder Titles

Binder 1 : Cartes de Visite – General Southern – Album Groups

Binder 2 : Cartes de Visite – Alabama – Arkansas – Florida

Binder 3 : Cartes de Visite – Georgia

Binder 4 : Cartes de Visite – Kentucky Cities A-Z

Binder 5 : Cartes de Visite – Kentucky – Lexington & Louisville

Binder 6 : Cartes de Visite – Louisiana Cities A-Z – New Orleans

Binder 7 : Cartes de Visite – Maryland Cities A-Z

Binder 8 : Cartes de Visite – Maryland – Baltimore

Binder 9 : Cartes de Visite – Mississippi – Missouri – South Carolina

Binder 10 : Cartes de Visite – North Carolina Cities A-Z

Binder 11 : Cartes de Visite – North Carolina – Charlotte – Raleigh – Wilmington

Binder 12 : Cartes de Visite – Tennessee Cities A-Z

Binder 13 : Cartes de Visite – Tennessee – Nashville & Memphis

Binder 14 : Cartes de Visite – Texas – West Virginia

Binder 15 : Cartes de Visite – Virginia Cities A-F

Binder 16 : Cartes de Visite – Virginia Cities G-S

Binder 17 : Cartes de Visite – Virginia Cities S-W

Binder 18 : Cartes de Visite – Virginia – Petersburg

Binder 19 : Cartes de Visite – Virginia – Richmond (I)

Binder 20 : Cartes de Visite – Virginia – Richmond (II)

Binder 21 : Cartes de Visite – Virginia – Richmond (III)