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'''Previous Staff:'''
'''Previous Staff:'''
#[[Nitin Arora]] left us in spring of 2011 for a position at [http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/ NCSU Libraries] as  [http://www.nclive.org/ NC LIVE] [http://www.rsc.org.www.lib.ncsu.edu/staff/narora4/index.php Digital Projects Librarian].  We miss him!!
#[[Nitin Arora]]
#[[Amanda Presnell]] left us in June 2012, as her family moved to Ohio.  We miss her, and wish her all the best!
#[[Amanda Presnell]]
#[[Shaun King]]
#[[Shaun King]]
#[[Charles Howard]]
#[[Charles Howard]]
#[[Austin Dixon]] left us in the spring of 2013 to be Web Applications Developer with UA's College of Arts & Sciences [http://etech.as.ua.edu/ eTech].
#[[Austin Dixon]]

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We are very lucky to have a terrific team of dedicated, self-motivated, conscientious employees. These folks can always be depended on to show up on time, do a remarkable job on some very tedious, detail-oriented work, and provide the feedback we need to keep this show on the road. All the content you see online is due to the hard work of Jeremiah, our staff and our students.

Whenever you see these great results, think of the work that went into this, and the terrific folks here behind all that work!

Head of Digital Services: Jody DeRidder [LinkedIn]

Digitization Manager: Jeremiah Colonna-Romano

Full Time Staff:

Student Employees:

Previous Staff:

  1. Nitin Arora
  2. Amanda Presnell
  3. Shaun King
  4. Charles Howard
  5. Austin Dixon

Student Worker Hall of Fame

Below is a list of the wonderful students who've worked here in the past. They've moved on to bigger and better things but we like to hang onto their pages to remember them by.

We will not forget you!!