Visualization of Database Content

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The following is an image that currently displays on Acumen's home page, in order to provide a quick overview of what users can find in this database:


The groupings used here are documented on the share drive in S:\Digital Projects\Administrative\Projects\Browsing\topics -- a list of topical subjects were generated, and then those that appeared in more than 20 records were hand-grouped into categories:

  • Work and Money
  • Places
  • People
  • Health and Education
  • Government, Law and Politics
  • Arts and Culture
  • Activities and Daily Life

The grouping was exported from the spreadsheet (first column: topic, second column: category) as tab delimited, and then fed this file "topicLabelMap" into a script called topicAndDecade in /srv/scripts/metadata/genreStuff/ to pull the dates for each record that contained an included topic, and group by category and decade. This generated another file called topicDecade which lists the category, then the decade, then the number of records for that decade and topic. This file was used to generate the above display.

Within that same directory on the server is another set of scripts to do the same for genres.

This process should be revisited at least every 6 months, updating the visualization.