Video Quality Control

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Video QC Work Station

Reference document: Video QC Workflow at the California Audio Visual Preservation Project, Kristin Lipska, presented at AMIA 2014 in Savannah, Oct. 10, 2014.

1) Verify checksums on all portions of content. Report errors to vendor

   md5tool available: [1]

2) Are all representations of the files received?

  1. preservation master
  2. access file
  3. appropriate metadata XML
  4. picture of original object
  5. vendor technician notes

3) Are all file names correct?

4) Is the directory structure correct?

5) Watch a minute and a half at the beginning, middle and end looking for anything that might have been introduced during digitization. Note any variations. Examples:

  1. Are there bars and tone? If so, are they correct?
  2. Artifacts
  3. Color and Brightness -- look at scopes and CRT
  4. Does the content match the title?

6) Open the preservation and access files side by side. Do they have the same duration? Is the sound in sync?

7) Color code the documentation spreadsheet according to what you found:

  1. Green means no issues
  2. Yellow means possible issues; second opinion needed
  3. Red: definite issues. Report to vendor