Vara Prasad Arikatla

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Vara Prasad is working on his degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, though he already has a Bachelor of Technology degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Acharva Nagarjuna University, far far away in India.

Vara is very quiet and polite, always on time, dependable, a consistently high-preforming steady worker, and he gives great feedback. Vara is the one who brought it to our attention that the students were typing in hundreds of city names for the Railroad Timetables! When we first made the decision to include cities, the sample timetables we looked at had only a handful of cities! If he had not spoken up, we would have wasted tremendous manhours uselessly, so we are grateful for this kind of feedback. Vara's stellar work ethic features a meticulous attention to detail.

But don't let his intense focus fool you: he's also got a great sense of humor and a sharp wit.

Vara is wonderful at bringing issues to our attention, or problems that need resolving. Vara is one of the best!!

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