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User tagging is currently done through the Tag It interface.

It is currently being transferred to incorporation into Acumen, at which point this workflow will become obsolete. Jlderidder 11:52, 28 June 2013 (CDT)


The work flows described here have 4 parts. Each of these requires different tasks, and uses different (though sometimes related) scripts.

  1. adding selected content: Adding_Tagging_Content
  2. harvesting content: Harvesting_Tags
    1. harvesting content during the rotation
    2. harvesting content at the end of the rotation
  3. deleting content from the tagging software: Deleting_Tagging_Content
  4. archiving the tags: Archiving_Tags
  5. collecting stats: Tagging_Stats

The database for the tagging software is: steve_museum. Some analysis of this database can be found in /srv/scripts/transcripts/omeka/dbase and toExtractText and in /srv/scripts/transcripts/omeka/dbase/ .


Tables have been created in InfoTrack (MySQL database) on libcontent1 to track success/failure of rotations of content.

  1. userTagged lists each item identifier, the collection number, the box (if one was specified during upload and identified from the MODS), and the number of tags captured thus far over all rotations. These entries are initiated by the collToDbase script, and updated by the getCollTags scripts (for successes) and the deleteSelected script (for not successful).
  2. dates_tagged lists the item identifiers, the date each was loaded into the tagging software, the date it was taken out and an integer for the number of tags entered during this round. Note that different users may enter the same tag; each one is counted as a contribution here. Note that the same item may be reloaded multiple times, and have multiple entries in this table. Again, this table is initiated by the collToDbase script when loading in the content into the tagging software, and then updated by the getCollTags script, which identifies the date something was pulled. The deleteSelected script updates when something was deleted if no tags were added.