Uploading MODS

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  for information on how to make MODS, see Making MODS

Digital Services supervisors and Metadata Librarians are authorized to upload MODS to libcontent so that it will appear online in Acumen.

The server name is libcontent.lib.ua.edu.

You’ll need to use ssh or secure putty to get there.

If you don’t have SSH installed, please request it.


1) In your home directory (what shows up when you log on) you will see a subdirectory called MODS which contains another directory labeled 20090925. This is the date of the last upload of MODS content.

When you have another batch to upload, please create another subdirectory in the MODS directory – Name it for whatever today’s date is – in the form YYYYMMDD

2) Upload all the MODS you need to deposit, all into that directory (no further subdirectories – mix the item and page MODS together). (just like you see in the sample directory)

3) Then, from the command line window, type in: ./relocate.pl A window will open and will ask you the name of the directory that you want to have deposited in Acumen.

4) Type in the name of the subdirectory you created (YYYYMMDD) and hit enter If the script can’t find it, it will ask you to type it in again.

Once it finds the directory, it will copy all the contents out into the live web directory, where you can view it.

5) If you get error messages, contact Jody and tell her what they were.

6) Check the results:

The live directories where you will find the metadata are here: http://libcontent.lib.ua.edu/content

All Metadata is in Metadata subdirectories at the level at which it applies.

That is, the MODS file for u0002_0000003_0000003_0007 Will be here: http://libcontent.lib.ua.edu/content/u0002/0000003/0000003/0007/Metadata/u0002_0000003_0000003_0007.mods.xml

The MODS file for u0003_0000159_0000001 Will be here: http://libcontent.lib.ua.edu/content/u0003/0000159/0000001/Metadata/u0003_0000159_0000001.mods.xml

If and when we have MODS files for collection-level, they will live alongside the EADs. That metadata is at the collection level, such as http://libcontent.lib.ua.edu/content/u0003/0000252/Metadata/

  Once you have run "relocate.pl" and verified that the metadata got dispersed correctly, please delete the MODS sub-folder you uploaded (the one named in the YYYYMMDD format).