Undergraduate Research Projects

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Workflow Overview

The Metadata Unit will create the MODS from the given metadata for each item. To obtain a file identifier and PURL, log in at http://purl.lib.ua.edu/id/assign.php

What you see there looks like this: Bdpurl.jpg

Enter the Author's last name, then first name, then the title of the work. This is for tracking purposes, so we can locate this later.

Select the born digital collection to which this belongs; this will determine the collection-number part of the file identifier.

Click "ENTER."

The software will check for anything else by that author and title in the InfoTrack.bornDigital MySQL database table.

    1. If it finds that this was already entered, it will give you the filename, the PURL already assigned, and the date it was entered.
    2. Otherwise, it will create and return to you a new PURL and the next filename to be assigned for the selected collection

Use the latter to rename both the MODS and the submitted file. For example, if the identifier you were given is u0015_0000002_0000023, this is the 23rd item in Undergraduate Research Projects. Rename the MODS to u0015_0000001_0000023.mods.xml and the PDF to u0015_0000002_0000023.pdf

Log on to libcontent1.lib.ua.edu using ssh. Place both MODS and PDFs files in a subdirectory of the MODS directory. This subdirectory should be named for the date, in the form yyyymmdd, where 20091117 is November 17, 2009. Do not use subdirectories below this level.

Then run the script ./relocate_all.pl which will ask which directory to work. Enter in the yyyymmdd value you used to name today's upload. Here's the script: File:Relocate all.txt

Report any errors to Jody. You can now locate the uploaded content in http://libcontent1.lib.ua.edu/content

Index the content in Acumen, then check the online display by appending the item number to the following URL: http://acumen.lib.ua.edu

Reference: Find_our_content_online