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(Digital Services will foster an environment of improved two-way communication and collaboration by...)
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:'' Progress'':
:'' Progress'':
==Digital Services will foster an environment of improved two-way communication and collaboration by...==
== Metadata & Digital Services will foster an environment of improved two-way communication and collaboration by...==

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Metadata & Digital Services will support the University’s call to pursue economies and efficiencies which will enable internal reallocation of resources and lead to quality improvements by...

Continuing to regularly evaluate all workflows to seek methods of improvement.
Measurement: At least one workflow improvement will be identified and implemented within the coming year.
  1. July: We have identified the potential for incorporating subject and name authority work into initial metadata creation, and then modifying existing workflows to generate finalized MODS prior to content upload. This will remove the need for most remediation work and streamline metadata creation, avoiding duplication of effort. # August: We identified initial collections to use as pilot projects and identified which employees will attempt final MODS creation during initial metadata workflows. We're taking a 2-pronged approach. Since audio metadata is generated during digitization, we will engage a metadata librarian in metadata creation as part of the quality control process. We will also engage a second metadata librarian in initial metadata development of manuscript items, working closely with the archivist to ensure item-level processing is also completed.

Identifying appropriate preservation metadata and determining the best method for its collection.
Measurement: Preservation metadata for audio WAV and ETD PDFs will be finalized, and processes implemented to capture and store in appropriate standards.
  1. June: Initial testing of ETD PDFs indicates serious issues. The Graduate School was contacted and a request made to standardize the PDFs uploaded into ProQuest.
  2. July: AES57 Metadata has been finalized for digitized audio, and generated for new content. The process has been documented on the wiki and implemented by the Digitization Technologist. Also in July, initial scan of the available methods for PDF testing unearthed few options.
  3. August: Initial gathering of case studies of migration methods for PDFs from poor versions to good ones indicate a heavy time sink, requiring planning and dedication of staff. Attempted to include this type of work in the job description for the person replacing our Outreach Coordinator.

Develop initial policies and procedures for intake, testing, normalizing, preparing, and managing incoming born digital content. This will prevent chaos and confusion when content arrives, and lay the groundwork for effective, economical management of a potentially resource-intensive set of content.
Measurement: Initial intake protocols will be defined and documented on the wiki; initial testing methods will be determined and documented on the wiki; initial guidelines for normalization and management of content, as well as preparation for both archiving and web delivery, will be developed and documented on the wiki.
  1. July: Attempted to include this type of work in the job description for the person replacing our Outreach Coordinator.

Metadata & Digital Services will increase awareness and knowledge of its collections and e-resources among graduate students and faculty members by...

Digitizing special collections materials for online delivery.
Measurement: Monthly counts of progress will be collected.
Progress: Updates are shared via email monthly and posted online.

Developing faceted search capabilities for Acumen.
  1. Metadata librarians will finalize organization of genres into categories and subcategories;
  2. Department Head will provide back-end support for incorporating a faceted search in Acumen's index.
  3. Metadata librarians will finalize recommendations for automation of hierarchical geographic;
  4. Department head will implement.
  5. Metadata librarians will recommend method of generating hierarchical geographic prior to content upload.

Publicizing results of the Innovation Grant.
Measurement: Technical Lead will write and submit an article for publication.
  1. July/August: Technical lead is finalizing documentation of new process.

Assisting faculty in Digital Humanities efforts
  1. Develop controlled vocabulary recommendations and data dictionary/input instructions for American Fabrics project.
  2. Identify method for canonical references in TEI, and instruct users, in Milton project
  3. Determine best method for unique identification, for mapping metadata to NINES RDF, and for metadata support and delivery of Marginalia project.
  4. Prepare for and teach TEI to graduate class

Increasing access to digital content
  1. Map EAD to schema.org and develop XSL transformations that generate valid structured metadata for web search engines (for collections)
  2. Investigate use of RDA and authority schemes in MODS, and recommend changes to current workflows in order to implement.

Metadata & Digital Services will foster an environment of improved two-way communication and collaboration by...

Providing monthly updates of content in Acumen to Curators, Metadata Unit, and others who request notifications.
Measurement: Monthly updates will occur via email, in either XML or Excel form as requested.
Progress: These reports are occurring regularly.

Sharing information of current policies, procedures and methods on our wiki.
Measurement: All new and modified policies and procedures will be posted to the DS wiki.
  1. July: Audio digitization workflows were updated on the wiki.
  2. August: Audio technical metadata policies and procedures were added to wiki.

Participating in committees and meetings on the library and university level.
Measurement: M&DS staff/faculty will attend University and library committee/other meetings as appropriate.
  1. July/August: Metadata librarian is serving on search committee for SEL candidate.
  2. Summer/fall: Department head is serving on search committee for Dean of libraries
  3. Fall/Spring: Department head is serving on faculty senate, UA standing committee for Research & Service, and University Committee for Human Relations.