The Plan: 2014-2015

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Digital Services will support the University’s call to pursue economies and efficiencies which will enable internal reallocation of resources and lead to quality improvements by...

Continuing to regularly evaluate all workflows to seek methods of improvement.
Measurement: At least one workflow improvement will be identified and implemented within the coming year.
Progress: Several scripts use similar code. In order to reduce redundancy, save time during upgrades and modifications, and simplify development of new code, we need to create shared libraries. In June, the Repository Manager began to identify similar code segments in the archiving scripts. In July, she combined them into function calls, in preparation for developing shared libraries.

Assessing impact of Digital Services’ efforts to increase awareness and knowledge of digital collections.
Measurement: Outreach coordinator will use Google Analytics to track and compare results of efforts to use social media for publicity of content; she will iteratively report on findings, which will be used to guide future efforts.

Identifying appropriate preservation metadata and determining and method for its collection.
Measurement: Repository Manager and Outreach Coordinator will analyze and select metadata needed for preservation, and develop and test a method to implement its capture and storage.
  1. In June 2014, appropriate metadata fields to be collected were determined.
  2. In July, we analyzed methods of software extraction to determine how much of this could be automated and by which methods; and what portion requires data entry, and the best way to capture that during normal processing.
  3. In August, we began testing archival content. Finding anomalies, we then tested various software packages to determine how best to repair them. We developed workflows for testing and repair. Then we incorporating testing into the quality control scripts, verified testing had been done before derivative creation, and retested during uploads of TIFFs to the server, generating MIX files if all is good, and updating the database.

Training someone in audio digitization, to serve as a backup for the Digitization Technologist.
Measurement: Repository Manager will learn the workflow for audio digitization.
Progress: June - August: The Digitization Manager took on this task and is now trained.

Digital Services will increase awareness and knowledge of its collections and e-resources among graduate students and faculty members by...

Digitizing special collections materials for online delivery.
Measurement: Monthly counts of progress will be collected.
Progress: Updates are shared via email monthly and posted online.

Reaching the milestone of 100,000 items in Acumen.
Measurement: Goal will be met and publicized.
Progress: In July, the goal was reached.

Engaging with GIS and Special Collections to provide guidance on how use Acumen and how to provide instruction to faculty and students.
Measurement: Digitization Outreach Coordinator will provide a training session to GIS and Special Collections personnel on searching Acumen, after changes have been made to the asset viewer and faceted search has been implemented.
Progress: Digitization Outreach Coordinator has scheduled sessions with GIS and Special Collections for early August.

Posting informative, entertaining blog entries and engage with users via social media when appropriate.
Measurement: At least two informative, entertaining blog entries will be posted monthly about new or existing content or DS initiatives/workflows. Social media accounts will be regularly updated.
Progress: [Blog posts are added regularly. Tweets are timed for holidays, noteworthy events, and interesting new content.

Developing faceted search capabilities for Acumen.
Measurement: Unit Head will provide back-end support for incorporating a faceted search in Acumen's index.
Progress: Date facets were added to all Acumen MODS files that would support them, in June. The process was automated to run weekly. Geographical facet software was written in June, results shared with metadata librarians, who need to perform remediation before incorporating the code into the weekly faceting software.

Publicizing results of the Innovation Grant.
Measurement: Digitization Manager will give a public presentation on the new process, and he will write and submit an article for publication.
Progress: Blog posts have been developed by the Outreach Coordinator. A presentation has been scheduled in the Digital Humanities Center on September 11th.

Digital Services will foster an environment of improved two-way communication and collaboration by...

Providing monthly updates of content in Acumen to Curators, Metadata Unit, and others who request notifications.
Measurement: Monthly updates will occur via email, in either XML or Excel form as requested.
Progress: These reports are occurring regularly.

Sharing information of current policies, procedures and methods on our wiki.
Measurement: All new and modified policies and procedures will be posted to the DS wiki.
Progress: In June and early July, the Outreach Coordinator updated the wiki.

Participating in committees and meetings on the library and university level.
Measurement: DS staff/faculty will attend University and library committee/other meetings as appropriate.
Progress: DS Head attended candidate presentations for multiple positions and participated in providing feedback. She also attended webinars arranged by the metadata librarians in order to build collaboration around shared areas of interest. In July, the DS head arranged for cross-departmental meetings on indexing issues, and monthly meetings between the metadata unit and digital services, to improve communications and collaboration.

Sharing information about what we do with others in the libraries.
Measurement: DS will provide open house tours of its facilities and demonstrate its workflow.