The Plan: 2013-2014

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UALIB FY 13/14 Priorities: Digital Services’ Proposed Contributions

Digital Services will support the University’s call to pursue economies and efficiencies which will enable internal reallocation of resources and lead to quality improvements by…

a) Continuing to regularly evaluate all workflows to seek methods of improvement.

Measurement: At least one workflow improvement will be identified and implemented within the coming year.

b) Testing changes to the monthly report interface that will allow staff members to better evaluate and make reports to others about the unit's activities.

Measurement: All staff will use the new Category feature in the "Shift Reporter" interface for 3 months and will use that feature to generate group statistics about work efforts. At the end of 3 months, staff will report any issues or drawbacks in their experience. Supervisors will consider these reports and identify any problems or needs for improvement.

c) Formulating a means of assessment of Digital Services’ efforts to increase awareness and knowledge of digital collections.

Measurement: Digitization manager will iteratively report on findings and use them to guide future efforts.

Digital Services will increase the number of students it reaches through its programs and services by…

Engaging with subject liaison(s) to assist in providing support for students.

Measurement: Digitization Outreach Coordinator will meet with at least one subject liaison to identify needs and develop collaboration. Requests from subject liaisons for identification of appropriate Acumen content will be responded to with helpful results within one week.

Digital Services will increase awareness and knowledge of its collections and e-resources among graduate students and faculty members by...

a) Digitizing special collections materials for online delivery; this enables students, faculty and researchers to utilize special collections online, instead of requiring personal attention and library staffing and extended hours. Additionally, this protects the original materials by reducing handling during use, ensuring they last longer.

Measurement: Monthly counts of progress will be collected.

b) Engaging with GIS and Special Collections to provide guidance on how use Acumen, and how to provide instruction on use when working with faculty and students.

Measurement: Digitization Outreach Coordinator will provide instructional material to GIS and Special Collections staff.

c) Continuing to post informative, entertaining blog entries and engage with users via social media when appropriate.

Measurement: At least one informative, entertaining blog entry will be posted weekly about new or existing content or DS initiatives/workflows. Social media accounts will be regularly updated.

d) Implementing compatibility for increased searchability of digital collections

Measurement: ???

e) Developing a subject-based browse mechanism for digital collections.

Measurement: Page(s) will be created providing links to Finding Aids in Acumen, organized by subject.

f) Continuing to "provide monthly updates of content" in Acumen to Curators, Metadata Unit, and others who request notifications.

Measurement: Monthly updates will occur.

Digital Services will support the coordination/prioritization of programs and services promoted through a full range of public relations initiatives by ...

a) Channeling all proposals which may impact multiple departments through the Proposal form.

Measurement: Digital Services will propose 2 or more projects within the next year.

b) Posting notifications to UALIB and/or the intranet about any new or upcoming initiatives which may impact others in the libraries

Measurement: Any new initiatives at Digital Services which may impact others in the libraries will appear in postings to UALIB and/or the intranet.

c) Consulting with Library Administration or the Public Relations Director when planning any formal public activities.

Measurement: ???

Digital Services will foster an environment of improved two-way communication and collaboration by…

a) Continuing to share information of current policies, procedures and methods on our wiki.

Measurement: All new and modified policies and procedures will be posted to the DS wiki.

b) Participating in committees and meetings on the library and university level.

Measurement: DS staff/faculty will attend University and library committee/other meetings as appropriate.

c) Sharing information about what we do with others in the libraries.

Measurement: DS will offer an open house tour of its facilities and demonstrate its workflow.