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(Digital Services will foster an environment of improved two-way communication and collaboration by…)
(Digital Services will support the University’s call to pursue economies and efficiencies which will enable internal reallocation of resources and lead to quality improvements by…)
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''Progress Report:''
''Progress Report:''
January: Added additional functionality to the Scrapbook QC Scripts, and updated the various makeJpegs scripts to function better with our current workflows.

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UALIB FY 13/14 Priorities: Digital Services’ Proposed Contributions

Digital Services will support the University’s call to pursue economies and efficiencies which will enable internal reallocation of resources and lead to quality improvements by…

a) Continuing to regularly evaluate all workflows to seek methods of improvement.

Measurement: At least one workflow improvement will be identified and implemented within the coming year.

  • Our first script to link digitized content into finding aids was for manuscript items, for which the collection was described to the folder level, and the box and folder numbers were included in the metadata for the items. Last year, we began to receive image collection finding aids, described at the item level, and containing a form of image identifier for each description, so a separate linking script was created for this process. Then the archivists began including image collection content in the manuscript finding aids, which currently requires both processes to be run sequentially. Additionally, mass-digitized collection finding aids were modified, inadvertently overwriting the versions which contained all the links. Clearly, we need a way to combine the linking and relinking of content into finding aids into a single process that manages all these variables. We decided it should extend to linking in content that is currently not linked, due to lack of containers in the finding aid, missing folders, or duplication of other entries.

Progress Report: December: Completed combination of all the scripts, plus extensions of capabilities; automated the process. This now saves several hours of work each month, a lot of confusion, and has enabled us to link in almost 10,000 more digitized items.

  • Proposed that we use Google Analytics to track results of Wikipedia, blog, Facebook, and Twitter efforts to determine the impact of our various marketing methods. By identifying the ones that are driving the most patrons to our Acumen site, we can intelligently reduce our efforts while focusing on the venues that offer the greatest results.

Progress Report: January: Added additional functionality to the Scrapbook QC Scripts, and updated the various makeJpegs scripts to function better with our current workflows.

b) Testing changes to the monthly report interface that will allow staff members to better evaluate and make reports to others about the unit's activities.

Measurement: All staff will use the new Category feature in the "Shift Reporter" interface for 3 months (starting October 2013) and will use that feature to generate group statistics about work efforts. At the end of 3 months, staff will report any issues or drawbacks in their experience. Supervisors will consider these reports and identify any problems or needs for improvement.

Progress Report: In September, we modified our definitions of categories to more closely resemble how we used them. Outputs are shared monthly with our Associate Dean. In December, we determined that category outputs are not sufficient; we also need to be able to compare capture hours to production levels, so in January all staff will again enter in item and image counts for each span of capture time.

c) Assess impact of Digital Services’ efforts to increase awareness and knowledge of digital collections.

Measurement: Digitization manager will use Google Analytics to track and compare results of efforts to use social media for publicity of content; he will iteratively report on findings, which will be used to guide future efforts.

Progress Report: In December, Digitization Manager pulled first quarter reports and developed initial assessment of relative values of social media, to be reported in January.

Digital Services will increase the number of students it reaches through its programs and services by…

Engaging with subject liaison(s) to assist in providing support for students.

Measurement: Digitization Outreach Coordinator will meet with at least one subject liaison to identify needs and develop collaboration. Requests from subject liaisons for identification of appropriate Acumen content will be responded to with helpful results within one week.

Digital Services will increase awareness and knowledge of its collections and e-resources among graduate students and faculty members by...

a) Digitizing special collections materials for online delivery; this enables students, faculty and researchers to utilize special collections online, instead of requiring personal attention and library staffing and extended hours. Additionally, this protects the original materials by reducing handling during use, ensuring they last longer.

Measurement: Monthly counts of progress will be collected. Progress Report: see Records_of_Progress!

b) Engaging with GIS and Special Collections to provide guidance on how use Acumen, and how to provide instruction on use when working with faculty and students.

Measurement: Digitization Outreach Coordinator will provide instructional material to GIS and Special Collections staff.

c) Post informative, entertaining blog entries and engage with users via social media when appropriate.

Measurement: At least one informative, entertaining blog entry will be posted weekly about new or existing content or DS initiatives/workflows. Social media accounts will be regularly updated.

Progress Report: please see Our blog!

d) Facilitate implementation of Schema.org encodings for increased web search engine support of digital collections

Measurement: Head of Digital Services will meet with metadata librarians in the fall of 2013 to assist in preliminary mapping, development, and support, providing suggestions, recommendations, and guidance where needed. If and when implementation is released to production, comparison of web search results will begin, to determine improvement in access via web search engines, using Google Analytics. Analysis will be included in EBSCO reports.

Progress Report: October: Head of Digital Services met with metadata librarians to discuss these issues. One of the metadata librarians was assigned to the task. Offered continuing assistance and support as needed to this librarian. December: Metadata librarian hopes to share progress in January.

e) Developing a subject-based browse mechanism for digital collections.

Measurement: Descriptive web pages will be created providing links to Finding Aids in Acumen, organized by subject.

Progress Report: Outreach Coordinator developed short descriptions for each of the categories selected by archivists, and analyzed available content and linkability to develop canned links for each category. With Digitization Manager, created appropriate icons for each category.

f) "Provide monthly updates of content" in Acumen to Curators, Metadata Unit, and others who request notifications.

Measurement: Monthly updates will occur via email, in either XML or Excel form as requested. Progress Report: this is happening monthly.

Digital Services will support the coordination/prioritization of programs and services promoted through a full range of public relations initiatives by ...

a) Channeling proposals which may impact multiple departments through the Proposal form, as determined by Associate Dean.

Measurement: Any project proposals which may impact multiple departments will be discussed with the Associate Dean, and if recommended by him, will be proposed formally through the UA Libraries Project Proposal Form.

Progress Report: December: Outreach Coordinator and Head outlined potential policies and workflows for various types of requests ("Red Carpet" projects) coming into Digital Services. Outreach Coordinator created diagrams to elucidate.

b) Posting notifications to UALIB and/or the intranet about any new or upcoming initiatives which may impact others in the libraries

Measurement: Any new initiatives at Digital Services which may impact others in the libraries will appear in postings to UALIB and/or the intranet.

Digital Services will foster an environment of improved two-way communication and collaboration by…

a) Sharing information of current policies, procedures and methods on our wiki.

Measurement: All new and modified policies and procedures will be posted to the DS wiki.

Progress Report:

  • December, 2013: Head updated EAD linking and workflow pages to reflect changes

b) Participating in committees and meetings on the library and university level.

Measurement: DS staff/faculty will attend University and library committee/other meetings as appropriate.

  • Head attended TLC meeting for AD, reporting back with recap of meeting.
  • Attended Library Forum
  • Attended Metadata meetings
  • Attended and participated in Digital Humanities meetings
  • Attended holiday gatherings

c) Sharing information about what we do with others in the libraries.

Measurement: In the fall of 2013, DS provided multiple open house tours of its facilities and demonstrated its workflow.