The Plan: 2011-2012

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Our primary focus is the digitization of selected content from Special Collections, to both publicize their holdings and to make valuable primary source material available online for researchers and patrons in the most useful manner practical.

Within the library goals (expected outcome) of

No. 1) "Develop and provide access to strong research collections and services that support academic, research, and service priorities of students, faculty and staff"

No. 3) "Increase access to special and unique collections"

No. 4) "Significantly increase services to students who do not use a physical library"

...we offer as measures the following unit goals:

1) Growth of the online digital repository.

Measurement may be by counting:

a) number of collections,

b) number of intellectual items, and

c) number of scans or captures.

2) Market our digital collections in order to increase use.

Measures may include:

a) Facebook entries

b) Blog entries

c) Presentations and publications

d) Other outreach contact or publicity

e) Google Analytic user and hit counts in comparison to previous year.

Within a new library goal related to the library mission statement specification of "Support the University's mission, vision and goals by anticipating library information, technology, and service requirements," we offer as measures the following unit goals:

3) Research and testing of potential for implementation of semantic web and/or linked data support over digital content.

Measures may include:

a) Development of methods for implementation

b) Software installation and testing

c) Pilot project

d) Report of analysis and results

4) Research and development of support for research data sets for E-Science initiatives

Measures may include:

a) Development of methods for implementation

b) Assistance in establishment of policies

c) Software development for support

5) Develop practical methods for capture and storage of necessary preservation metadata which will enable us to protect our investment and provide access to content over the coming years.

Measures may include:

a) Development of methods for implementation

b) Establishment of workflow

c) Number of digital captures for which technical metadata is compiled and stored in appropriate form

Within the library goal (expected outcome # 5) of "Significantly enhance our understanding of students' and faculty members' information and research needs" we offer as measures the following unit goals:

6) Seek feedback from users.

Measures may include:

a) An online survey and subsequent analysis

b) Requesting improved feedback mechanisms in Acumen from web services, and analysis of feedback obtained

c) User studies