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There is always a possibility that someone will object to a collection we have online. And errors occur; sometimes multiple finding aids for the same collection are created with different numbers, or someone decides that multiple finding aids should be combined, or simply should not be online.

There are several steps to managing this process, and the complexity depends on whether or not the content is in LOCKSS, whether or not archival captures are involved, and whether or not it is to be removed from the archive.

There is a table in the mysql database InfoTrack on libcontent named removedColls which is used to track these; this is mentioned on the Tracking_for_the_long_term page.

1) All collection removals need to be documented here, including whether this only includes the EAD (AnalogOrDigital == "A") or the digital content (AnalogOrDigital == "D"), who requested it, and the date requested. If the content is also in LOCKSS (check the inLOCKSS table, same database) then please indicate that in the notes field. Also, if digital content remains online, but the EAD was taken down, please put that in the notes field also.

2) If only the EAD is to be taken down:

  • Delete the entry in allColls for the finding aid entry (AnalogOrDigital == "A")
  • Delete the entry for that EAD (not any digital content! check the AnalogOrDigital entry value) from the allColls database.
  • Delete the EAD from Acumen (/srv/www/htdocs/content/) and if no other content is present, delete the directories there for that collection.
  • If the EAD is in LOCKSS:
    • rename the versioned entries in the archive (/srv/archive/) by adding "_LOCKSS_yyyy-mm-dd" where yyyy-mm-dd reflects the current year, month, and day.
    • delete the unversioned entry of the ead in the archive.
    • if no digital content remains, rename the Manifest.html by adding "_LOCKSS_yyyy-mm-dd" (as above). Then delete the link to this manifest from the Manifest.html on the holder level (example: /srv/archive/u0003/Documentation/Manifest.html contains the link to all the manifests on the collection level within u0003)
    • if digital content remains, copy the Manifest.html and add "_LOCKSS_yyyy-mm-dd" (as above). Then remove the links to the EADs from the Manifest.html
  • If the EAD is not in LOCKSS:
    • if digital content remains, remove the links to the EADs from the Manifest.html, and delete the EADs (versioned and unversioned) from the archive
    • if no digital content remains, remove the entire directory for the collection from the archive
  • Delete the EAD from all directories immediately beneath /srv/deposits/EADs/.

3) If taking down digital content only from online

  • Modify the entry in allColls for the digital collection entry (AnalogOrDigital == "D") and set "online" = NULL; add a note about date of takedown and why
  • If no EAD, delete the entire directory and all contents from /srv/www/htdocs/content
  • If an EAD is to remain online:
    • delete all subdirectories EXCEPT for Metadata in the collection directory in /srv/www/htdocs/content
    • Modify the entry in allColls for the finding aid collection entry (AnalogOrDigital == "A") and set "listLevel" = 1 (so it will show up in browse)

4) If also taking digital content out of archive

  • Delete entry in allColls (also for EAD unless it's staying online)
  • For each digital file, add an entry to the md5sums.modified table to indicate the checksum and size of what's being deleted, when, why, and on whose order
  • Then remove the entry for each digital file from the md5sums.itemSums table
  • locate the checksums file in /srv/scripts/md5/cya/checksums; delete entire file
  • If in LOCKSS: rename the Manifest.html by adding "_LOCKSS_yyyy-mm-dd"
  • Otherwise, delete the entire collection directory (unless EAD is staying)
  • Then delete the link to this manifest from the Manifest.html on the holder level.
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