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Supply Orders

Look on the share drive under Digital Services/Administrative/Supplies/.

If an order form has not been started for this month, copy the template file there, and name it with month name and year in the file name.

Orders generally are made from Staples (online or catalog) or Supe Store (catalog); check with your supervisor if what you need isn't in either. Also make sure we don't already have the supplies you need.

Orders go in before the end of the month, so plan ahead!

Technology Requests

For a Technology Request Form "TRF" look on the intranet under "FORMS".

Be sure to use authorized vendors, and check to see if they can special order what you need if they don't carry it. We need an email from each saying "no" before we can order from anywhere else.

TRFs are for technology purchases beyond easily replaceable items such as batteries, printer cartridges, and other office supplies.

Ordering off Contract for special items

Confirmation from all three university technology contract vendors that a specific item can not be special ordered through their company is required as due diligence before the purchasing department will approve purchase of items from non contract vendors.


The University of Alabama has standing contracts with vendors for all manner of products and services. these vendors must be used if they can provide the goods or services our department requires. List of all UA contract vendors.

Links to Vendor sites

GovConnection General technology supplier and UA contract vendor for Digital Cameras

UA's affiliated GovCon sign up portal.

CDW-G General technology supplier

Insight Computers and peripherals

Contact Vendor Account Reps

GovConnection [ Melanie Iacurci]

CDW-G [ Stephanie Layton]

Insight [ Deann Cannon]