Submitting new content to LOCKSS

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1) On libcontent, navigate to /srv/scripts/lockss/splitAUs/ 2) Run the script there called allManSizes . This script gathers info from the InfoTrack.lockss database and from /srv/archive, to summarize the sizes and number of files in each set of content linked into a manifest for LOCKSS perusal. This will output to commandline something along these lines:

 Look in ./output/allManSizes_2016-08-01.txt to find sizes by collection in Acumen. 
 Open in Excel with tabs as delimiters.

 total in gb:  17077.6640993357; in tb: 16.6774063470075,  total harvested: 2567 collections 

3) Download the indicated file in the ./output directory there (in this case, allManSizes_2016-08-01.txt). This file has the following column headers:

  • Coll ID
  • Coll Title
  • Size in Bytes
  • MB
  • GB
  • NumFiles
  • Date Released

4) Open in Excel

5) Sort so that all collections that do NOT have a date in the Date Released column are at the top.

6) Hide all the rows of collections that DO have a date in the Date Released column.

7) Send this spreadsheet to the current head of ADPNet on a monthly basis, and ask for the collections listed to be added to the list for harvesting.

8) Next, go add these collections to the database.