Staff Monthly Reports

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At the end of each month, Metadata and Digital Services employees are asked to create report of the work they did that month. This report can easily be collected from the records you entered into Shift Reporter throughout the month.

The steps to create the report are as follows:

1. Open Shift_Reporter located here, S:\Digital Projects\Administrative\scripts\Shift_reporter

2. In the "Select Name" column highlight your name, then set the month value to the month you wish to collect data from in the "Export Record Set" column. Click the "Selected User Monthly Export" button found at the bottom of the yellow export column.

3. Allow Shift_Reporter to export the monthly report (you will know it is finished when lots of path text show up in the "LOG" panel). Then locate your report on the sharedrive in S:\Digital Projects\Administrative\scripts\Shift_reporter\exports. your XML export will be named with your name and the date it was created

4. Open your report with Microsoft Excel and choose "use the XML Source task pane" when prompted, then say yes to having Excel create a schema for the xml file.

Xml source pane.jpg

5. once the "XML Source" pane opens with your data, CTRL+Click "category" and then "hours" and then drag and drop those two selected fields on to cell A1.

6. Click the "Refresh" icon located in the "External Table Data" tool set. this will populate the rows under your "category" and "hours" headers with all the values for those fields that were found in the shiftreporter export.

7. Select columns "A" and "B" and then use the filter dropdown next to the "hours" header to "Sort largest to smallest" .

Xml pie.jpg

8. Make a pie chart of your overall work efforts by clicking on the "Insert" tab, selecting "Pie" under the "Charts" tool set, and then right click on the blank chart and choose "Select Data" .

Xml chart data.jpg

9. Make a selection around the "category" and "hours" header and the cells that contain your data. then click ok on the select data popup pane.

10. format the pie chart as you like.

11. change view to worksheet2 and use the XML source task pane to create a detailed list of all the tasks you did during the month.