Staff Monthly Reports

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At the end of each month, Metadata and Digital Services employees are asked to create a monthly report of the work they did that month. The data is based off of data entered into Shift Reporter throughout the month.

The steps to create the report are as follows:

1. Open Shift_Reporter

2. Select your name and enter on the bottom right box the correct month and the year.

3. Allow Shift_Reporter to export the monthly report and locate your report on the sharedrive in S:\Digital Projects\Administrative\scripts\Shift_reporter\exports

4. Open your report with Microsoft Excel and choose open "As an XML table" when prompted.

5. In the columns marked category and hours2 are the stats for overall activity for the month. Select those and open another Excel sheet and copy and past the data there.

6. With the selected data, navigate on the Excel toolbar to Insert, Pie and select a pie chart template. Adjust the resulting pie chart of data however you want.

7. Save the Shift reporter export somewhere you can find it.

8. Open an email and address to everyone in the department.

9. Write a brief report of what you did this month paste the pie chart into the email and attach the excel file of Shift_Reporter export.

10. Send.