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We use a variety of software in our work, much of it open source. Packages may be installed by either OIT or DS Head. When migrating or changing the operating system, all these packages need to be reinstalled.

Current software packages on the libcontent server include:

  1. SoX - Sound Exchange for splitting WAV files based on ADL information
  2. LAME for MP3 creation from WAV files.
  3. ImageMagick for generation of JPG files for web delivery
  4. Tesseract-ocr] for OCR creation.
  5. File Information Tool Set (FITS) for technical metadata extraction and format testing
  6. Perl modules:
    1. File::Copy, File::chdir
    2. Shell, Shell::Command
    3. Time::Local
    4. Data::Dumper
    5. XML::Twig, XML::Simple, XML::Writer, XML::Parser, XML::SimpleObject, XML::TreeBuilder, XML::Element, XML::SimpleObject
    6. MIME::Base64
    7. Data::Dumper
    8. DBI;
    9. DBD;
    10. Cpan
    11. Cwd
    12. Diagnostics